Lottery Grand Prize: Musou Harem Rights – Chapter 16

Chapter 16: As it Feels


「Your Highness!!」


Fortis shouted, it was a desperate voice.


Helene looked upwards.

Her smile disappears, her face whitened.


I also looked up.


Arrows fell as if it was rain. I can see the enemy troops making a stance with a bow.


It was clear that they concentrated at one target. It was probably because they could see Princess Helene that they shot.




I swung the Demon Sword, blocking all the arrows that were going to hit Helene.

It flew without end, but I blocked every one of them.

I ignored the arrows that were obviously not accurate.

They pierced the ground. Around me and Helene, was a mystery circle-like a “safe ground” was made.



「What swordsmanship」


Helene and Fortis were astonished.


Arrows flew furthermore, this time, Princess Helene turned aroundーーfacing her back to the arrows, but I blocked everything that came to the ground.


「Now that I’m here, there’s no more problem」




Helene expression returned to smile.

Un, that is good.


But, this time, her face colors changed when she looked at me.


「That sword……is it Eleanor?」



Princess Helene said, and Fortis opened his eyes wide, almost popping.

The two stared at the Demon Sword that I was holding.


「Eleanor……you mean this?」

「Demon Sword Eleanor. Eats the mind and undermines the spirit, the Legendary Demon Sword」  

「That shape, and ominous aura. No doubt, it’s Eleanor. Please step back, Your Highness!!」


Fortis stepped between me and Helene.


……Un, Correct. That knowledge is correct, and Fortis’ move as a knight protecting a princess is also correct.

But it’s somehow a little sad. It can’t be helped since they don’t know that I’m fine even if I’m holding this, but being treated like this feels a little sad.


It was when I was going to explain the misunderstanding.




This time, a soldier with a shouting voice came. It’s the soldier climbed highly at a watchtower.


「What happened?!!」

「From the front, the enemy soldiers’ reinforcements came」

「There are more coming huh……Their numbers are?」

「There is about a thousand men coming!」

「A thousand!! Damn you traitor Kiril, he directed almost all of the troops here huh. You want Her Highness’ life that much huh」


Fortis damning said.

I recommended.


「Let’s get away here first」

「Yeah, you’re right. I’ll stay to be the rear guard, you should take Her Highness and ruーー」

「Rather than that how much do we have soldiers left?」


I interrupted Fortis’ words.


「Fifty at most……」


Fifty men huh, if there’s only that maybe it may work. If it doesn’t, doing it a few times dividing them should work.


「Can you gather everyone here」

「What are you going to do」

「Don’t mind that, move faster」


I urged him. But, Fortis wasn’t moving at all.

Is he hesitating again. What is he doing, there’s no time for that.



「Fortis. Do what Kakeru-sama says」



Princess Helene said. And then Fortis reluctantly followed that, and orders the soldiers to assembly.

Emptying the fort’s gates, the last soldier dashes and everyone was assembled.

I took out the Warp Feather.


「Well then, let’s go」

「What arーー」


Fortis asking. There was no time so I ignored him.


I recalled the place on the way, before I arrived here. The nearest town without enemies, I invoked “Fly together to Euboia”.


The scenery changed, and there was Euboia.

I looked around.

Princess Helene is here, Fortis also, and the soldiers that have wounds all over their body was here too.

I brought everyone, it’s a success.


「What! This is……Euboia you say?!!」

「What in the world……?」

「I’ll explain at ease later. Rather than that I jumped here for once, but is it safe here?」


Making sure, I asked Fortis.


「Y-Yeah. It should be probably alright here」

「Is that so. I’ll let you take care here」

「Take care? What are you going to do」

「Princess Helene. I’ll be going for a second」

「Please have good luck」


Princess Helene answered promptly.

It seems, that she knew what I was going to do.

I used the Warp Feather, and returned to the fort.


「There’s no one here, what’s happening!!」

「There are only corpses here also!!」

「How can this be, they should be here a while ago」


To be sure, I warped to the shade that I prepared in advance.

From here, I can hear men shouting.

It’s was good until they swarmed inside the vulnerable fort, but it seems that they’re surprised that there is no living human inside, not even one.


「Well, shall we do it」

『Do what?』

「Princess Helene safely got away, so I thought I’d attack them right here」

『You, by yourself huh』

「Yeah. Fortis looked like he was tired, and also his subordinate soldiers have wounds all over them. So it’s better, if I’m by myself right」


That was an excuse, but the true motive isーー.


『Saying such things, you only want to make yourself cool to Princess Helene right?』


The Demon Sword guessed it perfectly.


「……Can you read minds」

『The way you move, anyone could guess that』


……Well, that’s true.


『That’s right, cool guy』


I was made fun of.

Annoyed a little, I left the shade with the Demon Sword on my shoulders.


「!! There’s one right here!!」


I was found by the soldier that was searching, and shouted with a big voice.

The nearby enemy soldiers flocked and gathered.

If I remember correctly there should be a thousand people they were saying.

It’s the first time I’m going to fight such numbers. Until now the most was the Undead Army summoned by the Demon Sword, that was about a few hundred, the number is about ten times huh.

I do something about it though if I couldn’t I could just run by warping away.


「Ahh, no」


I changed my mind.


I took out the Warp Feather.


The enemy soldier in front of me, I warped to his back.

I slashed at him from his open back, cutting through his shoulders.

Without resistance, the soldier fell down.

There’s another one beside me. He looked surprised to what had happened, I jumped on his back and slashed at him.


Warp & Slash.


『What a terrible way to fight』


The Demon Sword’s voice echoed in my head, but contrary to her words she sounded like she’s having fun.

I laughed with a smile, and went towards the enemy soldiers again.

I slashed them head on.

Parrying their attack I countered with a slash.

I warped and slashed their back.

Swinging the Demon Sword, I slashed at whatever I could.

Slash, slash, I slashed and slashed.




A soldier jumped at me from behind. Because of what happened suddenly, I was pushed towards the ground with momentum.


「Just with thiーーGhoa!!」


Underlain, I tried to stand up, but one next to the other I was jumped on to.


A soldier was on top of a different soldier, on top that another soldier, and a soldier furthermore.

People, one next to the other was overlap, and a small mountain was completed quickly.


「Now’s the chance!!」

「Somebody do this guy」


Being pushed down to the ground completely, even with my strength couldn’t move, and I couldn’t get up.

A different soldier approached, and threw down his spear towards my head.


It’s a pinch.


Right until yesterday, that is.


I used the Warp Feather.

Leaving the soldiers piled up behind, I warped to about a meter to the side.

I stood up slowly. As if nothing has happened.

I re-gripped the Demon Sword and swung it down to the mountain that is made of human.

The mountain was cut in half.


「W-what is he……」


「How can I fight something like that」


Seeing that, many soldiers lost their will to fight, and ran away.

I slashed down those who step towards me, left those who have no will to fight alone.


「Damn it, move!!」


After a while, one man pushed the soldiers away and appeared in front of me.

His appearance what different to the others, his armor looks splendid. Is he the commander?


「You are」

「My name is Kiril Slavic. Who the hell are you!!  where did Helene go」


The man named himself Kiril. I remember that name.


「You’re Kiril huh. The one who betrayed Princess Helene」

「So what」

「No, doesn’t really matter」


Doesn’t really matter, but.






I swung the Demon Sword horizontally. Kiril’s head flew.


「There’s less reason let you live though」


Kiril died. And then, the soldiers entered a panic, and fled all at once.


After dropping the spurts of blood at the pool in the fort, using warp, I brought Kiril’s head back and passed it to Fortis.

Fortis was very surprised, and asked how I did it.

I slashed, slashed and slashed a lot, that’s what literally what happened, so I answered him that.

Fortis was super surprised.

That didn’t matter.

I mean, my chest feels queasy from a little while ago. What is this.


「I think」



In a sudden, serious tone, I looked at Fortis.


「My subordinates that came back from a battlefield for the first time, often said. If your heart can’t take it, go and embrace a woman, they said」



Seeing that I’m not answering, Fortis left without saying anything.

I understood what was being said, and also understood what restrained my chest.

There are words that are often heard.


Quell your thirst. They say.


Means that this restraint in my chest is that kind of thing, I understood what I needed to quell.

It’s annoying that I was seen through though, but I’m thankful to him letting me know.


Lets *MofuMofu*.


I’m going to *MofuMofu* Miu, *MofuMofu* her more, and thoroughly *MofuMofu* her until it’s morning.

It should disappear with that.

I took out the Warp Feather, and tried to jump to the mansion.




I heard Helene’s voice. I looked towards from where she coming from.


「It is good, that you were safe」


「Oh, a wound on your face」



I touched my own face, the place I touched hurt a little.

I probably haven’t received any attacks……maybe I scratched it when I was pinned down.

Princess Helene took out a something like a handkerchief, and wiped my face.

I could feel her warmth through the silk handkerchief. Her smell tickles my nose.


The restraint in my chestーーmy thirst.


After Princess Helene finished wiping, she stared at my face.


Stared at meーーand then slowly closed her eyes.


I put my hands on her delicate shoulders.


I, kissed Helene.












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  1. Rather than that how much do we have soldiers left? -> “How many soldiers”
    “There are only corpses here also!!” -> “…here too”
    “they should be here a while ago” -> “they should have been here…”


    • Leverage is an issue. Down on the ground, a bunch of people pinning down your limbs, it’s rather hard to move. Lifting something the weight of a dragon, but the size of a normal sword is quite a bit easier.

      For example, try holding a 20 lb weight at arm’s length for an extended period of time.

      Then try lifting a 150 lb barbell with both arms across your chest while bench-pressing.


  2. Wow this was embarrassing to read, it’s cringe on so many levels I don’t really feel like going through them lol, why do I keep reading this trash isekais lol and this one is some grade A trash it seems.


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