Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 11

Chapter 11 – Collect Tickets and Draw Eleven Times!!



……It’s good to expect something, but what should I do with this?

For the mean time, I grabbed the lottery ticket, and imagined that I wanted to go to the lottery room.




The lottery ticket got crumpled.

I looked around in a hurry, nothing happened.


「Eh〜, what do I do with this? Don’t tell my it’s a mistake? Only a paper scratch?」


If that’s right it’d be so embarrassing…….

The shame got bigger and bigger, and if there were a hole I’d want to enter it.

Well, it’s a silver lining that no one was looking…….

I decided to leave the place. I was going back to my room but went back where I came from, turned the corner.

The next instance.


「……Where is this?」


The scenery in front of me changed.

I should be at the mansion’s corridor, but I was blown suddenly to this room.

Inside the room was a long table, someone was standing across that.

And, on the table, was a lottery machine.



「It really does exist!!」


I instinctively shouted and plunged.

It’s the same room at that time. Before going to the fantasy world, the room where I drew the second lottery.

In addition, it was the same staff too.


「It has been a while」



I showed him the lottery ticket that I picked up.


「I can pull the lottery with this right?」

「Yes, you can pull once per one piece. But are you really sure?」

「Is there something wrong?」

「No, there isn’t something wrong」



It doesn’t seem that he was lying, but I didn’t mind.

Rather than that on the staff’s back, looked at the prize’s list.



・Participation Prize Magic Ball(Black)

・Fifth Prize Magic Ball(White)

・Fourth Prize 50% OFF Shopping Card

・Third Prize Different Dimension Warehouse

・Second Prize Warp Feather

・First Prize ???



It had a great difference from the time I drew for the first time. The list of Latest Model of Smartphones and Hot Spring Trip, it had become a list that of a fantasy world’s.

Noticing what I was looking at, the staff asked a question.


「Do need the prize’s explanation?」

「I can understand at least half of them, but what are this Magic Ball(Black) and Magic Ball(White) thing?」

「The black one is for attacking, the white one is for recovering. Both of them are excellent product that is just needed to be tossed to activate」


「In addition, it can be used by anyone」



I started wanting it a little. Even the black one that you can get as the participation prize, if I let Miu have it she could use it for self-defence.


「The 50% OFF Shopping Card is?」

「Literally, anything you want to buy will be worth 50%. In addition, it has no use limit!!」

「That’s amazing」

「But this can only be used by the person who draws it so please acknowledge that」

「I got it, the Different Dimension Warehouse is?」

「It is a storage space from a different dimension, this also can only be used by the person who draws it, but it allows you to put in or take out any items wherever you are as you like」

「The Warp Feather is?」

「You can use teleport as long as you want to. However, it is limited to the places you have come to before」


I received the explanation from the staff.

Every item was strong, it makes me excited just by looking.

But, there is something that made me more excited.

The first prize 「????」. After looking at that I had thought of something.


「That first prize」

「 I am sorry, please look forward to hittingーー」

「It’s not that. I wonder if this, does it have a grand prize?」

「Why do you know about that?!! Wait, I see, customer was the person that hit grand prize and came here」



I nodded.

That’s right. At that shopping district’s lottery, after the person hit the first prize, I hit the grand prize next.

The same as that time, the first prize was shown in the prizes’ list as 「????」.

At first prize, the skill lottery can be only turned once. But in the grand prize I hit, I can draw as long as I wanted and get the skill that I liked.



「There’s the first prize, there’s also a grand prize. And the grand prize has a better reward than that of the first prize, am I right」

「Yes, that’s right!! There’s surely be an incredible thing, so please try and hit it」

「I got it」


I got excited. I looked forward to what I’m going to hit this time in the lottery.

So wanting to draw, I took out the lottery ticket.


「Are you really sure?」


I was asked the same question from earlier.


「You said the same thing earlier, what do you mean?」

「You can draw with that one piece of lottery ticket one, but actually, if you bring ten pieces at once, you can draw eleven times. You can draw once for free」

「Did lottery have such system?」


I often heard it from social game gachas though.


「Our lottery does」

「I see」


I was convinced. Well, it’s all just the same, so it isn’t strange for them having such service.

If that’s the case, asking if I’m really sure, or saying that there’s nothing wrong, it had a proper reason.

I could draw right now, or have patience, collect and bring them all at once for a bonus, well the I’d chooseーー.


「I got it, I’ll collect them first then pull all at once」

「Alright, I understand」

「So, how do I get lottery tickets?」

「Just live in the fantasy world as you like, you would probably know when you’re going to get it, with intuition」

「With intuition huh」

「Yes, with intuition」

「I see」


This time also, I somehow thought that it was convincing.

It’s the same feeling when I found the lottery ticket earlier, I guess.


「I got it, see you later then」

「Yes, we will be waiting for you」


I left the lottery room, and returned to the mansion.

I was standing in the middle of the corridor.

After turning that cornerーーI was standing in the lottery room.

That was probably the point on how to go there.

Well whatever, I’ll think about it when I want to go. From what it seemed earlier, I could go there anytime I want.

I moved forward at the corridor, and go back, the way I chased the ghost.


「Ah! Master」


Miu came. Seeing her run with little her steps, I started wanting to *MofuMofu* her.

When I think about it, because there was the commotion with the ghost, I haven’t *MofuMofu*-d her yet.

First, I should do Welcome Back-*Mofumofu*, that I was thinking, but.


「Master, you have visitor」

「A visitor? for me」

「Yes. I made them wait at the entrance, what should I do?」

「I got it, at the entrance was it」


I went to the entrance.

The people that I have an idea who would visit are very limited. I wonder who it is.

When I reached the entrance, it was the diner’s poster girl standing there .

It’s a face I know, but I have no idea what’s up.

I was a little surprised.

The poster girl was also surprised.


「Why are you here?」

「I came here after asking the Andreu Merchant Company a skilled person……It was the customer huh」

「Andreu Merchant Company……skilled huh. Yeah, I think that’s me」


Andreu Merchant Company was the place that bought mountain cows. There is no mistake, she’s talking about me.


「……Please save us」


She said.

She had eyes that showed reliance and expectation.

Receiving that gaze I was startled.

I see, it’s this feeling huh.

Unconsciously crumpling the lottery ticket I had in my pocket, I straightened its crease secretly.











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