Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 10

Chapter 10 – Lottery



Additional arrows flew from the mansion. Without curving, it flew straight.

I slapped all of them down.

I tried to enter the mansion but. Miu clings to me and doesn’t go away.




She buried her face and was twisting her body. *IyaIya*

It must have been so scary.


「Let’s go together then」



She flinched and trembled.

Raising her head up and look at me, her tears were overflowing more and more.

Ice Arrows flew. I punched it away with my backhand,

When Miu saw that, she was terribly surprised.

Surprised so much, that her tears stopped.


「It’s okay, I’m with you. I’ll protect Miu properly」


Miu stared me at the face for a while, faced down, and said.


「You won’t leave me……and run away?」

「Un? If I’m going to run away alone? If it gets dangerous」


「That’s impossible. If it gets dangerous I’ll just carry Miu then run away」



Even then Miu was doubtful. I wonder why she is worried so much.


「Really. Because I’ve yet to *MofuMofu* you enough」

「You’re still going to do that?!!」


Miu was surprised.

But somehow, the way she was surprised was different to that before.

Well, she was surprised because of a different thing, being surprised to ghosts and being surprised to me are different things.

After Miu stared at me more and more (I struck down Ice Arrows twice at that time), she reluctantly nodded.

She took off the hands she used to cling to me, and stood beside me.

She held the tip of my clothes.


「Yosh, Let’s go」



We entered the mansion together.

Opening the door, as soon as we entered, a cold chill assaulted our body.


「Mu! that is」

「What is it」

「There, a shadow in the corner」


「Let’s go」



Miu, after all, got teary eyes.

Together with her, we walked around the corridor.

This time, a more visible shadow was seen.


「A Maid, huh?」


「You saw it right now right? A person that seemed to wear maid’s clothes」

「I-I didn’t see anything?」



Furthermore, we continued the chase. This time, it was quicker, around the next corner its appearance was visible for a longer time.

Seeing each other’s eyes, as I’ve thought it was a maid, she looks like a young woman.


「Miu, what about right now?」

「I didn’t see……it」


She grabbed my clothes stronger, she became frightened more and more.

It’s impossible that she couldn’t see that right now. I met my eyes with it, there were a few seconds before it disappeared around the next corner.


「If that is so, only I can see it huh」


I mumbled, and chased after it with Miu.

We ran across the mansion. In a very wide mansion, going up and down the stairs. Go out to the garden for once, and come back inside again.

We repeated that.

Soon, we cornered that ghost.

In the most secluded place on the first floor. Where sunlight relatively does not reach, a very damp place.

A small, only a place to sleep and there was few rooms like that, rooms that are probably used by housekeepers and maids.

There, we cornered the ghost.  

I looked at it once again.  As I’ve thought it was a young woman wearing maid-outfit.

However, its body was transparent and can see the wall through her. Her expression was really grim too.

Ghostーーand an evil one it felt.




While a shouting an eccentric voice that was hard to hear, the ghost jumped at us. Even though it was running around until now, it attacked at once.


「Hold on!!」


Pulling Miu close to me lightly, I threw a counter punch to the ghost that jumped at us.

I don’t know how much of an effect it would be, that’s why I put all my strength into it.

A force that would make a mountain cow fly tens of meters.




「It went through?!! Damn, it was like that!!」


The punch went through the body of the ghost. It’s a ghost so physical attack has no effect, it should be something like that.

Passing us through, the ghost flew backwards, but with an emergency break, it jumped at us again.

Around its body were Ice Arrows that were circling it, it jumped with that.



「There’s no problem!!」


While hitting away the Ice Arrows certainly, I dodged the ghost’s charge. Knowing that punches go through its spiritual body, I don’t want to touch it carelessly.

What should I do.

Suddenly, I had an idea.

At the same time, the ghost jumped at us again.

I guess it knew that Ice Arrows weren’t effective, this time, it charged alone.

It’s a chance, there wouldn’t be any extra elements.  

I raised my hand, and used Flame Magic.

From my palm, flames swirled, and it got larger and became ball-formed.




The eccentric voice once again. But at the same time, the ghost’s face color changed.

While passing by I hit it with magic.

Crossing each other, I turned around.

The ghost’s right shoulder was burning.


「Knowing that it had an effect」


My mouth let out a smile.


「The rest is easy」


Placing my hands forward, I shot out magic.




The ghost disappeared, and the cold chill that filled the mansion was also disappearing little by little.


「With this, cased closed」


Before disappearing, I’m worried about the ghost girl that looked like it had something say, but there is no way of asking now, so I tried to forget about it.


「Were you okay」


I looked at Miu who still grabbed the tip of my clothes strongly.

Miu looked up to me, her eyes were shining. *KiraKira*





「A monster that frightening……that so easily……. Master was, an amazing person huh」

「Well, yeah」


For the meantime, I’ll just brag. Miu’s *KiraKira* eyes, the sight of admiration feels good, so it’s no use betraying that.


「If anything happens, bring it to me. I’ll get rid of them all」



I declared, and Miu’s sight of admiration got stronger.

YoshYosh, this is good.


「Right!!  My work」


「I was in the middle of cleaning……」

「Ahh, you were interrupted by the ghost huh. Well go do your job then, I’m counting on you」



Miu made a big nod, bowed her head, and went away with a trot.

While looking at her behind, only the lingering sense of trust was left behind. For a while, I stood there and savored it.

After savoring it for I while, I tried to leave, but when I thinking of that.

At the place where the ghost disappeared, I saw a paper scratch dropped.


「Was there something like that?」


Strange I thought, approached and pick it up.

I looked at it intently, it was something that looks familiar.


「Lottery ticket……?」


That’s right, a lottery ticket. The thing that you get after shopping. And, the trigger that made me come to this fantasy world.

The longer I looked at it, the more it looked like a lottery ticket to me.

Why is a lottery ticket doing hereーー on the other hand, I thought.

Lottery ticketーーLottery.

I had some kind of expectation within me.










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  1. The mc just seems like such a dumbass lol, I have a weird love for this trashy isekais but idk if I’ll be able to like this one, welp imma give it a chance.


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